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"3D Stripper the adult sex game is amazing, her face, boobs, tits , ass, legs are so realistic and beautiful, she is simply hottest virtual 3D babe I have ever seen in a virutal 3D strip club sex game ." - Tony, NJ

"This is the most realistic virtual strip game I've ever seen." - Henry, WI

"I love the way you make her tits jiggle, she looks so real, it is hard to belive she is only a virtual 3D stripper." - Tim, NH

"Great adult 3D sex game, I look forward to how you go with this, make her tits bigger please...." - Thompson, NY

This is the hottest virtual 3D adult sex game that takes place inside of a virtual stripper club. With state of the art 3D and graphics you wont believe, your own personal virtual 3D stripper and strip club on your own computer! You decide her dance moves, what she wears, even the music.

The very same motion-capture 3D technology in animated films was used to capture the sensuous movement of live exotic dancers. This is no ordinary adult animation game, screen saver or dance program. It is the most realistic and arousing software and fun game you've ever enjoyed.

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